1. I wandered along to the ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’ an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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  2. Found this little chappy down by the Thames, London.


  3. …. SO! off to London tomorrow! Uni and all that that entails! very excited to get designing and making again i feel like my mind is so full from my summer of Scandinavian adventures :) packed (just about) and ready to go! ekkk

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  4. On a trip to Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford with college and they were doing renovations so they had wrapped all the dinosaurs to keep them safe! thought they looked pretty interesting like this!

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  5. So today at college we had to make up an imaginary animal and then mould it out of clay, we then had to draw it and give it a narrative. So after an hour of concentrated clay moulding i have a small, shy, furry creature called Herman sitting on my desk. He has turned in toes, a snout and little ridges on his tail, however he is always sad, for he has so much love to give but no arms to hug with - possibly the most tragic creature ever….. and this is the kind of thing we do on art foundation! :)

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  6. Berlin February 2013

  7. Berlin February 2013

  8. A photograph i just dredged up from the depths of my photo album, one i took years ago…..

  9. A piece of sculptural jewellery i made last year - A kinetic piece which responds to the movements of the wearer, based on bird flight and designed to be worn in dance. Beautifully modelled by Martha and Beau!

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  10. playing around with ink on snow….just because i can!

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  12. spent the day knitting, listening to music and making an igloo out of card, which when folded up, makes a sketchbook, the igloo will be big enough to sit inside…perhaps a more challenging construction than i first anticipated! 

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  13. so this evening i……

    went for a run and was accompanied by a lost dog called Arnie,

    knitted another chunk on my patchwork scarf,

    made a pretty yummy supper,

    ate the pretty yummy supper,

    filled another few pages of my sketchbook

    and wrote a song about a leopard who’s spots get washed off in the english rain.

    - definitely my idea of an evening well spent!

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