3. I wandered along to the ‘Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined’ an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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  6. sample photograph taken by a friend for her project

  7. Norway, Summer 2013 -i have not edited this photo at all, the light in Norway is just INSANE!! 

  8. Bergen, Norway. summer 2013

  9. I have just returned from 2 and a half months of travelling in Scandinavia. it was absolutely incredible! i spent a month working on an organic farm in Sweden where i met some really amazing people and learned a lot, from cheese making to pig slaughtering (please don’t hate me!) After working on a second farm in Norway for a while i spent some time travelling alone in the mountains, wild camping and walking, which was a little scary at times, but the landscapes were so beautiful! i then spent the last 3 weeks hitchhiking through norway and camping with two girls i met at the farm in Sweden, which was a ridiculous amount of fun! now back and straight into sorting out everything for uni! gah take me back to Norway please!

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  10. 'a brief encounter between strangers' London 2013

  11. View from my bedroom. March 2013

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  12. On a trip to Pitt Rivers museum in Oxford with college and they were doing renovations so they had wrapped all the dinosaurs to keep them safe! thought they looked pretty interesting like this!

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  13. Berlin February 2013. Jewish Museum designed by Daniel Libeskind - bloody stunning building! 

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  14. Jewish Memorial and Berlin wall memorial - Berlin February 2013

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  15. Berlin February 2013